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Why Choose Us

Sound Engineer Edition

This model is exclusively designed to meet the rigorous demands of the sound engineers. With open-back and closed-back options, the model offers excellent clarity for mixing and monitoring tasks. The precise sound reproduction and its versatility makes them a huge favourite across various studio environments.

Professional Edition

The open-back designed model offers high-fidelity audio for delivering an expansive soundstage experience. The model is exclusively crafted for professionals working across different industries for critical listening and mastering applications. comfortable and durable, it’s a must-buy!

Musician Edition

Want a professional headphone that's comfortable to wear for long hours and offers accurate sound representations, then this model is going to delight you. Whether for the stage or studio setting, this model can enhance the musical experience for both musicians and performers. The balanced sound signature of the headphone model ensures optimal performance, whether you are rocking the stage or nailing it at the studios.

DJ Edition

If you are a DJ, then you would love this model with a robust construction and powerful bass response. This model can withstand the challenging demands of live performances and also endure the long hours of mixing. the closed-back design is ideal for noisy night clubs as it offers excellent isolation to keep the external noise away!

Our Products Range


The classic monitoring headphone designed for monitoring, studio and musicians. 3M 3.5mm plug OFC cablewith 6.35mm(1/4″) adapter


The classic closed back headphone designed for mixing and monitoring. 3M 3.5mm plug OFC cablewith 6.35mm(1/4″) adapter


Professional open back monitoring headphones for mixing and mastering used by musicians and sound engineers. 3M 3.5mm plug OFC cablewith 6.35mm(1/4″) adapter


Professional headphones for Music Producers and DJ’s, High quality 50mm Magnet neodymium drivers provide with better listening experience. 4M Detachable coiled 3.5mm plug OFC cable with 6.35mm(1/4″) adapter.

Range of Our Headphones

These best studio monitor headphones perform critical roles in professional audio productions offering accurate monitoring for mixing, recording and mastering tasks.
The best headphones for music production offer a more open and natural soundstage that makes them ideal for critical listening, mixing and mastering.
Closed back headphones for recording offer good isolation from external noise and are ideally used for tracking and recording sessions where low-end responses are necessary.


These headphones for mixing are designed to meet the needs of DJ live performances like mixing and cueing. They have good sound quality and are comfortable to wear during long gigs and studio sessions.

About Our Story

Make things Personal

At Wild Waves, when it comes to music and musical experiences we understand the wild passion of professional musicians. We are committed to keeping the wild spirit of connectivity and expression of music alive. Whether you are a budding hobbyist or a seasoned professional – You will definitely find something here!

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Mixing and Mastering

Polish your mixes and reach perfection with our best studio headphones (Open and close back). Our headphones reveal every single blemish and detail in your mix and are ideal for critical listening, mixing and mastering.

DJ Monitoring

Our headphones for DJ allow the user to hear the music clearly while they are mixing and monitoring. Providing excellent sound quality even in loud club environments they offer great isolation and comfort.

Work Hard Play Rock

Wild Waves can help you find the right headphone for your professional stage, and sound needs.


From private events to club gigs, these headphones are my go-to choice. They are strong and robust enough to withstand the rigours of my DJ lifestyle. The immersive sound quality helps me keep the crowd grooving all night.

- DJ Sajid

As an audio engineer, I would say that precision and clarity are vital for me and these headphones deliver exceptional sound quality helping me hear every detail of my mixes. The accurate representation of sound across the frequency spectrum makes the professional headphones a vital tool in my studio.

- James Samule (Audio Engineer)

To achieve a perfect master reliable monitoring and a keen ear is necessary and these headphones offer an honest representation of the mixes. This helps me make a well-calculated decision during the mastering process. The design is comfortable allowing long and stress-free listening sessions so that I can fine-tune every detail precisely.

- Alice Mayfair (Mastering Engineer)

Product Support

Our dedicated team ensures that you have the best experience with our professional headphones. Our products come with a standard manufacturing warranty and our sole aim is to help you get the most out of the purchase.

Compatibility Guide

We offer a complete guide helping you understand the devices that are compatible with our professional headphones. We offer tips to connect the best headphone for music production with the devices for optimal performance.


Have any questions in mind? Whatever may be your query, our team is ready to clear your doubts. Here are some of the most asked questions by our customers.

Our professional wired headphones are engineered to meet the demands of audio professionals like DJs, musicians, producers and engineers. They have superior sound quality, and enhanced features designed for professional audio tasks like mixing, mastering and sound monitoring.

Yes, our products are 100% genuine and high-quality ones available at a competitive price. Our headphones are specifically for professionals who are a part of the music industry and are looking for top-notch products that enhance their performance whether at private parties, public events or at a studio setting.

Yes, they can be used for casual listening and for gaming, but they have a flat frequency response that offers accurate sound production and won’t be suitable if you are looking for enhanced bass or treble.

News Update and Lifestyle

Sound and music is the core of what we do and our products help you get accurate sound quality focusing on transparency while monitoring and mixing. For latest news and updates follow our blogs here!

News Update and Lifestyle

Sound and music is the core of what we do and our products help you get accurate sound quality focusing on transparency while monitoring and mixing. For latest news and updates follow our blogs here!

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