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The finest music producers, musicians, DJs, and artists trust and love the headphones from Wild Waves. Whether it’s for a stage show or a private event, the artists are the first ones to give us a call!

About our brand

Experience the power of true sound and music with the headphones available at Wild Waves. Our music studio headphones are engineered to offer original and natural sound without any distortion. Now experience the true power of sound with Wild Waves headphones.

Wild Waves - An Immersive Musical Journey To Drive You Wild

High impedance and sensitivity

Universally compatible and increased sensitivity for efficient audio reproduction.

Exceptional sound quality

Our headphones have a clear midrange for monitoring and beat-matching even in loud environments

Sound isolation

Now block out external noise and focus on your music. The closed back designs provide good sound isolation.

Wide-frequency response

The headphones capture the highest highs and lowest lows with precision and clarity. Suitable for diverse applications.

Replaceable ear pads and parts

Replaceable components for maintaining optimal performance and comfort. You don't need to go for expensive repairs or replacements.

Durable and comfortable headphones

Ergonomic design to minimise fatigue during long hours of usage in live performances, studio sessions and other demanding environments.

Let The Magical Waves And The Clarity Of Sound Inspire Your Imagination

Wild Waves is a respectable name in sound. We offer a high-rated range of professional studio headphones that are engineered to block out disturbances, helping you enjoy the music with deeper bass, richer mids, and clearer highs, ensuring an immersive listening experience.

From private events to club gigs, these headphones are my go-to choice. They are strong and robust enough to withstand the rigours of my DJ lifestyle. The immersive sound quality helps me keep the crowd grooving all night

- DJ Sajid

As an audio engineer, I would say that precision and clarity are vital for me and these headphones deliver exceptional sound quality helping me hear every detail of my mixes. The accurate representation of sound across the frequency spectrum makes the professional headphones a vital tool in my studio.

- James Samule (Audio Engineer)

To achieve a perfect master reliable monitoring and a keen ear is necessary and these headphones offer an honest representation of the mixes. This helps me make a well-calculated decision during the mastering process. The design is comfortable allowing long and stress-free listening sessions so that I can fine-tune every detail precisely.

- Alice Mayfair (Mastering Engineer)
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