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A Capsule Collection Of The Finest Professional Grade Headphones

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Brilliant sound quality is a powerful creative element. We are passionate about designing beautifully crafted sound tools that are contemporary in design yet have timeless appeal. Our best headphones for mixing and mastering are engineered to last while delivering exceptional sound quality.

Our Core Values

As individuals and as a company, we are honest, fair and ethical in dealing with our customers, associates and suppliers. We manufacture high-end products of unmatched quality, durability and reliability. Our solutions are designed for one and all.

Immersive Experiences That Inspire People

Whether you are a DJ, audio engineer, musician, boardacaster, sound contractor or podcaster, professional headphones from Wild Waves are set to exceed your expectations. Our products are engineered for excellence and make extraordinary things happen. Now is the time to outlast and outperform your competition.

What We Stand For:

Thousands of professionals in the world of audio and video technology have relied on Wild Waves for their equipment needs. Our aim is to offer you the best headphones of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Superior Value

Get unrivalled sound quality and provide uninterrupted and direct audio signals.

Zero Latency

Get precise synchronisation and real-time monitoring during live performances.

Wide Compatibility

Universally compatible headphones - versatile and offer an immersive listening experience.

Durable And Affordable

With no batteries to replace, our long-lasting headphones are a budget-friendly investment.

We Stand By Our Products

Get expert advice from our team, who know the equipment minutely and buy what fits you best.


From private events to club gigs, these headphones are my go-to choice. They are strong and robust enough to withstand the rigours of my DJ lifestyle. The immersive sound quality helps me keep the crowd grooving all night.

- DJ Sajid

As an audio engineer, I would say that precision and clarity are vital for me and these headphones deliver exceptional sound quality helping me hear every detail of my mixes. The accurate representation of sound across the frequency spectrum makes the professional headphones a vital tool in my studio.

- James Samule (Audio Engineer)

To achieve a perfect master reliable monitoring and a keen ear is necessary and these headphones offer an honest representation of the mixes. This helps me make a well-calculated decision during the mastering process. The design is comfortable allowing long and stress-free listening sessions so that I can fine-tune every detail precisely.

- Alice Mayfair (Mastering Engineer)

News Update and Lifestyle

Sound and music is the core of what we do and our products help you get accurate sound quality focusing on transparency while monitoring and mixing. For latest news and updates follow our blogs here!

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