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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple to follow: whatever information you give us stays with us!

When you visit our website, we are collecting and storing all your personal information that we get from you. Our primary goal is to ensure that you have a smooth, safe, efficient, and customised experience. This helps us to offer you services and features that cater to your needs, and our website is customised to ensure your experience with us is easier and safer. That’s the reason why we collect all that information from you that’s necessary for achieving the purpose of your visit to our site.

In general, you can visit our website and browse through the categories without revealing any of your personal details. But once you share your details, you are not anonymous to us.

Limited data access

We ensure your personal data is accessible only to a limited number of people in our organisation who have special access and privileges. However, from time to time, we might compile general demographic details based on your order, but these details get shared within the organisation only, and there is no identifiable personal data linked with them.

Information that we collect

If you want to place an order, then we will collect the following basic details about you: First name, last name, address, city, state, country, zip code, email address, and mobile number. Apart from this, we gather certain information about your internet connection, like the IP address and others. Your IP address cannot personally identify you, but with this information, we deliver our web pages and customise our website as per your request and interest. We also use this to calculate the number of visitors to our website and the geographic locations from which we are getting all the traffic.

We don’t allow unauthorised persons or organisations to use any kind of information that we have collected from you.

Note: Our privacy policy can be changed at any given point in time and even without notice. By visiting our website, you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions. If you don’t agree, we request that you not use or access this site.

Information Sharing

We might share your information with other affiliates and corporate entities, and they may profit from this sharing. Information can also be passed on partially to vendors, courier companies, and credit card processing companies to ensure they perform basic functions like order fulfilment. Information can also be shared with the law authorities for detecting fraud and ensuring the safety of our website, the management, employees, members, users, and other affiliates linked with us.

Linking to other websites

Our website links to other sites, and they might collect your personally identifiable information. However, you cannot hold us responsible for any of the privacy practices of those websites.

Information usage

We do collect your email address, as it’s the easiest way to inform you that the order has been executed or delivered. With your email address, we also connect for customer service-related queries and send newsletters to you. All information that we collect from you is stored confidentially and not disclosed unless there are any disputes and as advised by the law authorities as such.

We occasionally ask you to complete the online surveys, which are optional. These surveys ask you for contact and demographic details, and this data is used to tailor your experience and offer you content that might interest you.

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